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Breaker Tripping –
What to do now

HELP! Breaker Tripping: Is My House or Business Going to Burn Down? PROBLEM: Circuit breaker tripping repeatedly. We have numerous service calls with the same symptom: “The breaker keeps tripping!” Turned out the cause—and the recommended solution—is very different for each one!


Breakers and Fuses:
What’s the Difference?

Breakers and fuses are both designed to trip (turn off) in the event of an electrical overload. However, breakers are mechanical and may be reset, whereas fuses are “one time only” and have to be replaced. Breakers typically offer greater protection, because modern technology allows for more...


Energy Efficiency
Lighting Efficiency

LIGHTING is the single biggest power consumer. As you can see from the above charts, although experts disagree on the total amount, it is clear that lighting consumes the most power. One site says that if we replaced the 5 most used fixtures with ENERGY STAR® fixtures and bulbs, we could save $8 billion per year.


Got Smoke

All new homes and many older homes have smoke detectors, and when a home that does not have smoke detectors sells, home inspectors often recommend adding them. Smoke detectors do just that—detect smoke, and potentially save lives in the event of a fire. So, yes, Virginia, you DO need smoke detectors!


How To Choose A
GREAT Electrician

You’ve just had a breaker trip, or worse—the Fire Department just pulled your meter! You need an electrician PRONTO! Here’s a quick checklist for proceeding...


My breaker
keeps tripping

Breakers are protective devices, similar to governors on vehicles to control speed, or door stops to keep the door from damaging something.


Teach Children
Electrical Safety

It’s never too early to start teaching children electrical safety. Did you know that about 2,400 children go to the ER every year because they stuck things like paper clips, hairpins, knives, nails, and other objects into electrical sockets?


What are
GFCI receptacles

GFCI (Ground-Fault-Circuit-Interrupting) receptacles—the outlets with the push buttons—are designed to protect people and animals from electric shock. They’re also known as GFIs or simply “ground-fault.”


What are
Surge Suppressors

Surge suppressors are devices for protecting electronic equipment in homes and businesses. In commercial and industrial applications, where they protect entire panels, they are sometimes known as transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS).


What is an

AFCI breakers and receptacles have been on the scene since the early 2000s. Beginning with the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) they are being required almost everywhere in residential applications that is not already protected by a GFCI.


Home Inspection

The home inspector says that the home’s 3-wire receptacles don’t have ground connected and must be fixed. If you’re trying to sell a home, you may be surprised to hear the home inspector report that your 3-wire receptacles (the “monkey face” outlets) aren’t actually grounded.


You got an
electrical issue

I often have customers say, “I’m afraid of electricity.” That’s a GOOD thing. It’s healthy and safe. It can avoid damage to equipment and property. It can be life-saving. And it can save extra expense when from having to call an expert in to figure out what you did wrong.


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