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Are you prepared for a major power outage in your neighborhood? Sure, maybe you have some candles on hand and a cooler for some of the items in your freezer to get by for a night, but what if the outage lasts for a prolonged period of time or hits during peak summer or winter? Having a plan in place for unfortunate situations provides a peace of mind that's worth the investment. Easley Electric Inc. can help you get a plan in place and make sure it's always ready to go. Contact us today for home generator service in the Greenville, SC area.

Home generators come in two general types: portable generators and standby generators, which are permanently installed on your property. Higher capacity generators will be able to power more circuits at once and for longer. Consider what you can afford, while factoring in fuel and upkeep costs, then give us a call to explore your options and learn more about the benefits of having a home generator. 

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Home Generator

Fuel Source: Most home generators run on either natural gas or liquid propane. Diesel-fueled options also exist but they will cost considerably more. If you go with propane or diesel, be prepared to house enough of the liquid power source to properly run the generator in a large tank somewhere on your property.

Power Level: The amount of power you will need during an outage depends on whether you want to back up only what's crucial (like a refrigerator) or the entire house. Be aware that HVAC appliances are extremely power-hungry. Most home generators are rated by kilowatt. Use this guide to estimate the amount of wattage you will need for your home.

Transfer Switch: Much like light bulbs, home generators need a cue to turn on. Automatic transfers switches allow for an immediate response as soon as a power failure is detected. To determine which type of switch is right for your situation, you will need to find out the amperage of your house's electrical service panel.

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