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Energy Efficiency - Lighting Efficiency


LIGHTING is the single biggest power consumer.

As you can see from the above charts, although experts disagree on the total amount, it is clear that lighting consumes the most power. One site says that if we replaced the 5 most used fixtures with ENERGY STAR® fixtures and bulbs, we could save $8 billion per year. Another expert I heard at an energy conference stated that if everyone in the US switched to fluorescent and CFL’s (compact fluorescent bulbs, the spiral-looking bulbs), we could close down 109 power plants. (And LED’s are even more efficient and have one other side benefit—see below). Maybe that’s overstating it, but the savings can be huge, and mean money in your pocket.

And in most instances, lighting is the single EASIEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE upgrade to make. Often it’s a DIY project. Here are some tips to take advantage:

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